[Official] Horse Meat Tavern Bakurou Kyoto Sanjo Kamogawa

1 minute walk from Sanjo Station
Enjoy horse meat dishes and Kyoto vegetables

●Extensive horse meat menu●
Including horse sashimi and rare steak
Yukhoe sushi, rare fried chicken, etc...
Arrangement menus are in full force!

High protein & low calorie and fresh
Horse meat cooked in various ways to your heart's content
Please enjoy.

●Variety of drinks●
Along with our specialty products
We have many drinks for you to enjoy!

Sake and brand shochu that go well with horse meat
Sake that tastes better than wine
I prepared it.

with your favorite drink
Please enjoy.

●Comfortable space●
Excellent access, just a 1-minute walk from Sanjo Station.

The shop where you can spend your time slowly...
Centered on counter seats and table seats
Equipped with box seats and horigotatsu.

A drink after work or various parties
Also, when using with family
Please feel free to drop by!

We are waiting from the visit of everyone.

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store information

[Official] Horse Meat Tavern Bakurou Kyoto Sanjo Kamogawa

[Official] Horse Meat Tavern Bakurou Kyoto Sanjo Kamogawa

115 Ohashi-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto B1F
1 minutes walk from Sanjo station
Also available from Kawaramachi Station
Opening hours
【Fire ~ Tree】
17: 00-23: 30 (Cooking LO 22:30 Drink LO 23:00)
[Fri, Sat]
17:00 - 0:00 the next day (Cooking LO 23:00 Drink LO 23:30)
【Sunday and holidays】
17: 00-23: 00 (Cooking LO 22:00 Drink LO 22:30)
Closing days
Closed on Mondays
Payment Method
cash: Possible 
credit card ; VISA  Master  Amex  MONEY  JCB  CUP 
QR code payment; PayPay 
All seats non-smoking / Appetizer charge 330 yen
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